5 Powerful Reasons  you should Remain a Virgin till Marriage 

12 04 2017

​Here’s the video link  best 5 reasons I have read why every young person should remain a Virgin till Marriage 

Stabbed 32 times, woman weds the man who saved her 

21 03 2017

​😀The Lord writes straight with a broken leg of a table : Watch,  stabbed 32 times, woman weds the man who saved her life. What a hard way to find a husband 

7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey 

14 02 2017

This video will change you. Watch the 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey and learn the secrets of living success. 

Men and their power of visuals 

14 02 2017
  • This video shows that men are  fundamentally different from women and why men are attracted women’s  body parts like legs.  It’s a good refutation of toxic “gender neutrality”  agenda pushed by mainstream media. Men and women are different but compliment on another. 
  • Video is courtesy of Prager University 

God Knows how much a prayer weighs.

31 12 2016

Louise Redden, a poorly dressed lady with a look of defeat on her face, walked into a grocery store. 

She approached the owner of the store in a most humble manner and asked if he would let her charge a few groceries.

She softly explained that her husband was very ill and unable to work, they had seven children and they needed food.

John Longhouse, the grocer, scoffed at her and requested that she leave his store at once.

Visualizing the family needs, she said: ‘Please, sir! I will bring you the money just as soon as I can.’

John told her he could not give her credit, since she did not have a charge account at his store. 

Standing beside the counter was a customer who overheard the conversation between the two. The customer walked forward and told the grocer that he would stand good for whatever she needed for her family. The grocer said in a very reluctant voice, ‘Do you have a grocery list?’

Louise replied, ‘Yes sir.’ ‘O.K’ he said, ‘put your grocery list on the scales and whatever your grocery list weighs, I will give you that amount in groceries.’

Louise hesitated a moment with a bowed head, then she reached into her purse and took out a piece of paper and scribbled something on it. She then laid the piece of paper on the scale carefully with her head still bowed.

The eyes of the grocer and the customer showed amazement when the scales went down and stayed down..

The grocer, staring at the scales, turned slowly to the customer and said begrudgingly, ‘I can’t believe it.’

The customer smiled and the grocer started putting the groceries on the other side of the scales. The scale did not balance so he continued to put more and more groceries on them until the scales would hold no more.

The grocer stood there in utter disgust. Finally, he grabbed the piece of paper from the scales and looked at it with greater amazement.

It was not a grocery list, it was a prayer, which said:

‘Dear Lord, you know my needs and I am leaving this in your hands.’

The grocer gave her the groceries that he had gathered and stood in stunned silence.

Louise thanked him and left the store. The other customer handed a hundred-dollar bill to the grocer and said; ‘It was worth every penny of it. Only God Knows how much a prayer weighs.’

THE POWER: When you receive this, say a prayer. That’s all you have to do.

Just stop right now, and say a prayer of thanks for your own good fortune…

I believe if you will send this testimony out with prayer in faith, you will receive what you need God to do in you and your families’ life..

So dear heart, trust God to know your very own needs., 

heal the sick, provide food for the hungry, clothes and shelter for those that don’t have as we do. Amen & Amen

My prayer for you today:

The eyes beholding this message shall not behold evil, the hands that will send this message to others shall not labor in vain, the mouth saying Amen to this prayer shall laugh forever. Remain in God’s love as you send this prayer to everybody on your list. Have a lovely journey of life! Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will never fail you because He is LOVE!

TAKE 60 SECONDS and send this on quickly and within hours, you will have caused a multitude of people to pray to God for each other. Then sit back and watch the power and love of God  in your life.


26 10 2016

This story tells you a lot about the hypocrisy and falsehood of abortion justifications. Many think and preach that embryos and fetuses are not humans and hence can be terminated at will, but the evidence is so clear that the denial can be baffling. Our help is in God. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/10/20/health/baby-born-twice-fetal-surgery/index.html?sr=fbCNN102116baby-born-twice-fetal-surgery1143AMStoryLink&linkId=30195463

Porn is for Losers says former Playboy model, Pamela Anderson

2 09 2016

Parmela anderson

Another former porn star has  denounced pornography as a most dangerous scourge.

In the wake of Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal and his subsequent divorce by his long-suffering wife Huma Abedin, Pamela Anderson, a former pornstar has drawn a correlation between porn use and wrecked marrages.

She writes in the WallStreet Journal, that Weiner’s scandal should “put to rest” any doubts one might have of “the addictive dangers of pornography.”

Anderson writes that, as a former Playboy model herself, she has “often warned about pornography’s corrosive effects on a man’s soul and on his ability to function as husband and, by extension, as father. This is a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness given how freely available, anonymously accessible and easily disseminated pornography is nowadays.”

She referred to pornography as “mass debasement,” “nefarious” and “the dark side of adult sexuality” that has not only “imploded” marriages but destroyed hordes of “talented men.”, and backed up her claims with statistics from the American Psychological Association that show that men who consume porn lead “less satisfactory intimate lives with their wives or girlfriends as a result of the consumption,” and compared these statistics to those of cocaine use by drug addicts to really hammer her message home.

She called pornography “a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness”. And concluded by saying “porn is for losers” and calls it “a boring wasteful and dead-end outlet for people too lazy to reap the ample rewards of healthy sexuality”.

These where the same words DJ Wade used to describe how he felt when his wife discovered his addiction:

One day, my wife, Belinda, pulled me aside and said she wanted to talk to me.  She explained that she had seen the Internet History on my computer.  She was exposed to all the sites I had looked at and wanted to know why I was looking at these sites.  I had no choice but to admit my struggle to her and how long it had been a struggle.

She was crushed and simultaneously furious.

Belinda had every right to experience both of these emotions as I had broken our marriage vows via my pornography addiction and dishonesty.  She then asked me what I planned to do about it.  I had no answer, which only added to her pain.  She then went for the jugular.  She looked me square in my eyes and asked me what kind of example I was going to be to my sons.   What was I going to say to them when its time to talk sex, lust and dating?

I was beyond embarrassed.  I felt worthless.  I thought I was a loser.  I knew I was a liar.

The porn-saturated brain is fixated on sex, Dr. William Struthers explains, but real sex is intended for intimacy. The pornified brain is ready for multiple partners, images, and sexual possibilities, but it is intended for a narrow focus of exclusive sharing. Porn’s neurological superhighway is built for speed, but satisfying sex is designed for the slow and evolving discovery and appreciation of a loving partner. Porn provides few off-ramps (masturbation) that offer fleeting escapes that hasten the need for more. Meanwhile a committed couple can have long and satisfying encounters with many off ramps for creative expressions of intimacy that are not genitally oriented.

Doidge writes:

Pornographers promise healthy pleasure and relief from sexual tension, but what they often deliver is an addiction, tolerance, and an eventual decrease in pleasure. Paradoxically, the male patients I worked with often craved pornography but didn’t like it.

How porn hurts marital sex

Pornographers want people to believe that viewing porn is harmless entertainment and that it can even spice up one’s love life, but the opposite is true. Rather than encouraging intimacy, research shows that porn steals it away.

Porn encourages selfishness rather than an exchange of intimacy. Especially among men, who are more visually stimulated than women, porn teaches that women are objects for their lust. Women are just body parts, used for personal gratification.

Pornography trains men to be consumers, to treat sex as a commodity, to think about sex as something on-tap and made-to-order. As Dr. Mary Anne Layden writes, “It is toxic miseducation about sex and relationships.”6

  • In Dr. Gary Brooks’ book, The Centerfold Syndrome, he explains that because the women in porn are only glossy magazine pictures or pixels on the screen, they have no sexual or relational expectations of their own. This trains men to desire the cheap thrill of fantasy over a committed relationship that requires them to connect to another human being. Pornography essentially trains men to be digital voyeurs: looking at women rather than seeking genuine intimacy.
  • According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, after only a few prolonged exposures to pornographic videos, men and women alike reported less sexual satisfaction with their intimate partners, including their partners’ affection, physical appearance, and sexual performance.
  • Another study that appeared in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found similar results. When men and women were exposed to pictures of female centerfold models from Playboy and Penthouse, this significantly lowered their judgments about the attractiveness of “average” people.
  • Dr. Victor Cline’s research has shown that sexual arousal and excitement diminish with repeated exposure to sexual scenes, leading people to seek out greater variety and novelty in the pornography they view.
  • French neuroscientist Serge Stoleru reports on how overexposure to erotic stimuli actually exhausts the sexual responses of healthy young men.
  • Dr. Dolf Zillmann reports when young people are repeatedly exposed to pornography, it can have a long-lasting impact on their beliefs and behaviors. Frequently, men who habitually view pornography develop cynical attitudes about love and the need for affection between partners. They begin to view the institution of marriage as sexually confining. Often, men develop a “tolerance” for sexually explicit material, leading them to seek out more novel or bizarre material to achieve the same level of arousal.

Dr. Judith Reisman summarizes it well: Pornography causes impotence — an inability to function with your own sexual power. “If he has to imagine a picture, if he has to imagine a scene, in order to actually reach the heights of completion with this person, then he’s no longer with his own power, is he? He has been stripped. He has been hijacked. He has been emasculated. He has, in effect, been castrated visually.”

Porn and Erectile Dysfunction

If the concerns above were not enough, many men become so habituated to pornography that they experience erectile dysfunction when they are with their spouse. Rather than performing better, as pornography promises, many men find that they can only achieve consistent and sustained erections with porn.

Drs. Marnia Robinson and Gary Wilson explained in Psychology Today that overstimulation with pornography creates changes in the brain that make a man less responsive to the physical pleasure of a real woman and hyper-responsive to Internet porn. Men become sensitized to Internet porn, but desensitized to sex in general, which requires more and more stimulation to achieve arousal. When preparing for real sex, the pornified brain fails to get its dopamine surge and the signal to the penis is too weak to achieve erection. But turn on an Internet device with unlimited pages of novelty, and boom, the plumbing works.

Fast-growing online communities of people who call themselves “Fapstronauts” complain that porn is the root of their problems with ED and premature ejaculation. “Fapping,” slang for masturbating to Internet porn, is causing these people so many troubles they banded together for support. One online community claims 50,000 members, and their goal is to encourage each other to avoid pornography and masturbation for 90 days in the hope of never going back.

Real satisfaction

Because of the brain’s plasticity, people once consumed by porn can rearrange their neural networks to enjoy only sexual intimacy with their spouse, and studies show these relationships to be the most satisfying.

For instance, male porn users often believe more partners will bring greater satisfaction. But a 2011 study of long-term committed relationships (with a median duration of 25 years) showed the opposite. The study showed that the longer a man was in a relationship, the more likely he enjoyed relational happiness and sexual satisfaction. Women, in turn, enjoyed sex less during the early years of their relationships and experienced greater satisfaction later.

Another study in 2010 showed that couples who delay sex until their wedding night enjoy more stable and happier marriages. They also rated the quality of sex and the satisfaction in their relationships 15% and 20% higher respectively than couples who had premarital sex.

The results of these studies are nothing new, Dr. Weiss says. Studies and surveys of married couples have shown positive sexual satisfaction results for decades.

Weiss says:

The research shows that people who have consistent sex inside of a marriage — spiritually connected sex — have the best sexual satisfaction over time. The person that has the most sexual partners has the least level of sexual satisfaction as adults.

Unlike a porn video or a magazine, sex with a real-life committed partner has many points of arousal and satisfaction, from words and tones of voice, to touch, to the temperature of skin, and many other interactions. Yes, dopamine likes novelty. For the porn user that means more porn, but in a committed relationship novelty never has to end.

“Fortunately, lovers can stimulate their dopamine, keeping the high alive, by injecting novelty into their relationship,” Dr. Doidge writes. “When a couple go on a romantic vacation or try new activities together, or wear new kinds of clothing, or surprise each other, they are using novelty to turn on the pleasure centers, so that everything they experience, including each other, excites and pleases them.”

For minds and marriages wounded by porn, great sex and true intimacy will not arrive overnight. Repairing brokenness in marriage requires real work and determination. Building trust takes time.

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